currentVersion 0.1.2
memcached-client-php-0.1.2.tar.gz (md5: c3856195c1c47a71a7d266e8f3b93980)

about memcached-client-php
memcached-client-php is a (the?) PHP client that connects to memcached servers. It makes use of (p)fsockopen, and performs its reads and writes using the standard fgets, fread, and fwrite. It can (optionally) make use of persistant sockets, so that the communication socket(s) don't have to be reestablished every script execution - only once in the lifetime of each apache child process.

memcached-client-php supports the following protocol commands: add (add), replace (replace), set (set), get (get, get_multi), delete (delete), incr (incr), and decr (decr). It also provides a run_command method that will pass any command back to the memcached server and return the output from the command in an array of strings.

memcached-client-php can take any PHP variable type for storage and retrieval. Non-scalar variables (such as objects and arrays) are serialized before storage and unserialized on retrieval. Compression is enabled by default on items > 10k, so long as the compression savings is at least 20%. Both compression and serialization are done transparently.